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Energy Independence is a must for the future prosperity and security of America.  It is unfathomable that while fighting a global war on terror, our nation is, at the same time, funding some of the very terrorist groups that would destroy us.   When we stop at the local gas station we support two opposing causes.  On the one hand, we support America with our tax dollars paid for that gasoline.  On the other hand, we support terrorists with the gas dollars going to pay for that fuel.  We are literally “shooting ourselves in the foot.”  We have become so dependent on foreign oil that we are truly addicted.  Reform will not be an easy process, but as a nation we must pursue energy independence.

What needs to be done?  Here are some potential ideas:
1) When gas prices soared in 2008, T. Boone Pickens, a visionary oil man, promoted a plan to bring wind power to the middle states of our country.  Wind is certainly not the ultimate long-term example, but it could possibly be a short-term fix while other alternative fuels are explored and developed.

2) Drilling in our country needs to happen NOW!  Drill in Florida.  Drill in California.  Drill in Alaska.  Drill wherever we can to decrease our dependence on OPEC.  Again, this is probably not a permanent long-term solution, but it will take the pressure off of Congress while they develop a plan for other fuel sources.

3) Alternative fuel options need to be brought into production and made available to the American people for a reasonable cost.  Nuclear, wind, solar, hydrogen, clean coal, biodiesel, ethanol, and biomass should all be explored.  I’ve heard that Congressional Republicans call this the “all of the above” strategy!  Vehicles, factories, and machinery need to be manufactured that will run on alternative sources.  The federal government should research and develop a budget to fund the exploration of these various possibilities.

To be successful in the future, America needs to make energy independence an absolute priority.  It is critical for our prosperity and security.

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