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The human race has the tremendous privilege of living on the only planet in our solar system that is perfectly suited to sustain life.  The earth is a beautiful place.  Everywhere we look we see the evidences of God’s touch.  The Bible says in 1 Timothy 6:17 that God “richly provides us with everything to enjoy.”  All good things on this planet are from the good hand of our good God.  Even God, Himself, when creating the universe stopped after each of the six days to say of His work, “It is good.” (Genesis 1)

God made the earth, He owns it, and He sustains it.  We are simply caretakers of this beautiful planet.  As such, we should handle it carefully and respectfully, not unnecessarily destroying it or contaminating it.  We should do our best to be good stewards of our beautiful home.

Having said that, never forget that God did make the earth for us to enjoy.  In Genesis 1:28-29 God said to the first humans that they had dominion over the earth and were to subdue and enjoy it.  Humans are the only members of God’s vast creation that are equipped with a soul and the ability to reason.  We are literally God’s masterpiece and He made the earth for us to enjoy.  It is for us.  As a result, we have the liberty to take pleasure in our beautiful home to the fullest.  Use, but don’t abuse, is a great philosophy.

The theory of an intensifying Global Warming that will destroy the planet and end the potential for life on this planet is absurd.  There is no legitimate proof of that happening, and actually plenty of proof of the opposite.  Again, God is the one who sustains the universe, not man.  We are powerless to completely destroy or to save the earth.  That is God’s business, not ours.  We should not fear that by responsibly enjoying our planet, we might destroy it by leaving our carbon footprint.  The earth has gone through a series of warming and cooling cycles many times throughout documented history.  Scientists do not agree, though some would like to say that they do, that we are on an unprecedented warming trend.   Think of the Vikings, for example, who over 1,000 years ago settled in a place they named Greenland.  They obviously named it after what they saw when they first sailed near the coast….green lands.  They would not have even been able to sail near Greenland if the waters were frozen over like they are today.  The temperature must certainly have been warmer to allow them to colonize on Greenland.  The Vikings had a thriving civilization there for some three hundred years until it did indeed freeze over and by 1408 they had abandoned it.  Greenland has remained frozen for many years, but today we are told to panic because the ice sheet around the edges of Greenland is melting.  History seems to evidence that we have actually had a cooling cycle for the last several hundred years and now we are possibly returning to temperatures that previously existed.  Even in the 1970s environmentalists were warming of a coming Ice Age!  Now we are told that the planet is warming.

The only logical conclusion is that the earth goes through cyclical climate changes.  Funding and legislation related to the myth of Global Warming should be eliminated altogether.

Todd Schnitt, a radio host based out of Tampa, Florida, has put together an excellent list of resources on the subject of Global Warming.  In his own words, it is “one of the largest collections of articles and opinion pieces on the Internet, many written by respected scientists, climatologists, meteorologists and professors who dispute the apocalyptic “man-made” explanation of global warming.”  His collection can be viewed at the following link:

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