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Do you feel lost in the political haze of our day?  Do you wish there was a place to go where your voice would be heard, where your values would be appreciated, where you could make a difference in your community?  Are you tired of politicians in Washington, Tallahassee, and even in Pasco County who constantly attack the values and morals that are so vitally important to your family?  YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  There are many who feel as you do.  Let’s stand up for our values and principles in Pasco County!  Let’s take back our county, our state and our country and make a difference!  Let’s collectively demand that our voice is heard by those in office!  Will you join us?  It’s time to rally together to accomplish something great in Pasco County!  Our values and principles are worth protecting.  We need you in the Faith and Family Values Club!

For America,
John Tracy

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Club Mission Statement:
Our mission is to promote and protect Judeo-Christian family values and principles by educating, assisting, and uniting the Republican Party of Pasco County to engage our community in the issues of the day.

Topics of Interest:
Religious Liberty
Sanctity of Life (Pro-Life)
Traditional Marriage and Family
Protecting the Innocence of Children
Separation of Church and State
Morality and Integrity in Political Leaders
Quality Education in Public Schools (including the faith and beliefs of our founding fathers)

Club Meetings:
Club meetings will feature member discussions on these and other related topics, guest speakers who passionately address them, and strategic planning to use our resources to influence Pasco County.  The club meeting will take place on the fourth Thursday of every month.

FIRST MEETING:  May 28, 2009, 7:00pm
LOCATION:  Temple Baptist Church, 37253 Clinton Ave., Dade City, FL 33525

Club members will be encouraged to join together and volunteer time to support the efforts of various organizations that exist to help and promote our stated areas of interest (examples: Red Envelope Campaign, volunteer at Crisis Pregnancy Center, The Run For Innocence, write specific letters to elected officials, etc.).

The Club recognizes the following two classes of membership:
Active – Any registered Republican voter, who resides within the boundaries of Pasco County.
Associate (non-voting) – Any other registered Republican voter who does not qualify for Active status.

The Club will not start collecting dues until the June, 2009 meeting.  Prior to that anyone can attend for free.

The annual dues are $20 for an individual, Active or Associate Member, and $30 for a married couple, Active or Associate members, payable to the Treasurer upon becoming a member, and then yearly on or before January 31.

For more information contact us at: or 813-310-5699

John Tracy, President
Carlos Saenz, Vice President
Jessica Larreau, Secretary
Jonathon Barnes, Treasurer

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