I’ve just launched from the starting gate on a third journey through fatherhood.  In some ways, I feel like this time around I’m a bit more experienced as a father, and thus, a bit more prepared.  In other ways, I feel like starting over again has resurfaced my complete inadequacy of raising a human being who will even be a productive member of society much less a committed follower of Jesus Christ.  I’m doing my best to be a good dad, but I am fully cognizant that raising children requires God’s grace.  I need God’s help, and if you are a Christian parent, you do too.  I was encouraged by Pastor Steve DeWitt’s reflection as he entered fatherhood.  Similarly, my prayer is…

By God’s grace, to be a biblical father for my sons.
By God’s grace, to love my sons despite their (and my) imperfections.
By God’s grace, to cultivate biblical robust masculinity in my sons’ lives.
By God’s grace, to be a godly example to my sons.
And, finally, By God’s grace, my ultimate goal for my sons is faith and maturity in Christ.

This will not be easy.  God, help me.