This podcast interview between Brad Gray and Tullian Tchividjian has me thinking deeply about grace, law, sin, consequences, second-chances, failure, scandal, etc.  I’m still processing a lot of what they discussed, but it was extremely helpful to hear the transparency of a man who “had it all” in ministry, “lost it all” due to sinful choices, and is still clinging to the gospel of grace and savoring the unfailing one-way love of His God.  There are certainly pitfalls in both ditches of legalism and antinomianism, but what an amazing thing to hear yet another testimony of God’s sovereign work of grace even in the midst of tragic consequence for sin.

It’s definitely worth your time.  Click here to listen to the podcast recording.

Here are a few standout quotes by Tullian:

“Here I was preaching against performances, and I was running on a performance treadmill.”  

“I was not guilty of preaching justification by works.  Theologically I was preaching justification by grace alone, but functionally I was insanely guilty of believing in justification by works.”

“God does not love us because we’re good.  We are good, meaning we are right-standing with God, because God loves us.”