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Thanks to Jodie Tillman, staff writer for the St. Pete Times, for a great article on July 22, 2009, featuring me and the Faith and family Values Republican Club of Pasco County.  I really appreciate the support and exposure for the Faith and Family Club.

The article is entitled “Republican party endorses countywide faith and values club in Pasco.”

I love that title because it simply states the message that we are sending out from the Republican Party of Pasco County.   As I have said repeatedly to various members of the press in the last few weeks, the Republican Party is the party that will stand up for the issues that Christians care deeply about.  There are three groups of people that should always vote Republican:  Christians, Gun Owners, and Veterans.  You will not find a refuge in the Democratic Party if you represent any of those three.  Now, I know that as soon as I say that, many will immediately scoff and utter the names of some of the party’s embarrassing examples of failed leaders.  Further, I hear far too often, and even feel myself, the great disappointment with those in office who would call themselves Republicans, but not represent the historical party values.  As a result, there is a huge movement of people that would abandon the Republican Party and form a new independent group of voters who are true to their values and morals.  While I am very sympathetic to the frustrations with some of our elected officials, and can certainly relate to the motivations of these conservatives who are fed up with that see in Washington, let me say that desertion from the Republican Party is a grave mistake for Americans!  Like it or not, there is not a day in the foreseeable future that a third party will have a chance at winning a major election.  That is a fact.  We must unite and rally as conservatives under the umbrella of the party that has stood, historically, for conservative values and moral principles.  Splintering the conservative vote by dismissing the Republican Party will only hand over our country to the liberal left and contribute to our moral demise.  Granted, there are a lot of guys in office who have an “R” after their names, who need to be kicked out because they do not represent what we stand for, but do not cave in to them by handing over the party and losing your power as a voter by alienating yourself.  Now is the time for us to unite!  Now is the time for us to make a stand!  Now is the time for us to take back, not only the Republican Party, but also the United States of America!  We must take it back, as conservative people who hold to our Faith and Family Values, from those who would depart further from morality.  If we will not do it, who will?  This is the real issue in America that is at the root of all of the surface problems that we are facing.  Our government has no moral compass.  Together, we can change that.  Don’t leave us.  Like never before, JOIN US!

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