“When you read in mission reports of troubles and opposition, of burning up books, imprisoning colporteurs and expelling missionaries you must not think that the gospel is being defeated.

It is conquering.

What we see under such circumstances is only the dust in the wake of the ploughman.

God is turning the world upside down that it may be right side up when Jesus comes.

He that plougheth should plough in hope.

We may not be able to see a harvest yet in this country but, furrow after furrow, the soil is getting ready for the seed.”

The full text of the children’s book can be read here.

—Samuel M. Zwemer and Amy E. Zwemer (husband-and-wife missionaries-to-Muslims), Topsy-Turvy Land: Arabia Pictured for Children (New York: Fleming H. Revell Company, 1902), 116.

HT: Tim Keesee, Justin Taylor