A burden of my heart is to see God’s people consistently spending time in His Word.  Without daily focused time with the Lord, we will never see the victory and experience the joy in the Christian life that we have been born again to know.

My experience has been that without a specific plan for reading God’s Word, I will tend to be a hit-and-miss, spontaneous Bible reader.  I will read it on the days that it is convenient and I will not on the days that it is not.  When I have a plan in place, I am much more likely to be consistent.  Maybe I’m the only one who is that way, but if you can relate, I want to help you.

Some Bible reading plans are so complicated or take so much time that you feel destined to fail before you even begin.  Below is a tool to use in your daily Bible study.  I’m using it right now, myself, and I hope it will help you too.  Take a minute to read the instructions summary first so that you will know how to use this tool.  Then, dive into the plan this month.  What better time is there than now to start spending time with God every day?

Let me know if you find this to be helpful.  I would love to hear about your daily time with God!


January Plan
February Plan
March Plan
April Plan
May Plan
June Plan
July Plan

Daily Bible Reading, Study, and Memorization
(approximately 20 minutes each day)

How to Meditate: the MAP Method
(from “Changed Into His Image” by Jim Berg, pg. 298-299)


How to use the form:


-Read one chapter, put today’s date in the small blank on the left of the chapter reference once you have completed the reading.

-In the longer blank to the right of the chapter reference, list the primary themes that you see in each reading.

-There are 24 chapters listed to be read on 24 separate days.  On the remaining days of the month, there are two “focus chapters” listed at the bottom of the page to read two more times.

-There is space at the bottom of the front page to take notes on the chapters that you read, particularly the two focus chapters.


-Two memory verses are selected that coincide with the focus chapters.  Work on one memory verse for the first half of the month, and the other for the second half of the month.

-One effective technique of memorization is to list the first letter of each word to serve as a memory cue.  Those memorization letters have been printed below the verses.

-As you spend time memorizing these verses, take time to analyze and personalize them.  There is space at the bottom of the page to list key questions, key words, cross references, and personalized thoughts that are drawn from the memory verses.